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We call our food Fresh Happy Mex – Mexican food made from scratch with carefully selected ingredients. Inspired by the taqueros in the Mexican district of Mission District in San Francisco, an area where traditional Mexican cuisine meets the fresh Californian culinary culture.

Honest Food

Honest Food is our way of becoming completely transparent to our guests. On our website you can see all the ingredients in our food. It helps you make a conscious and good choice!!

Are you vegan?

Then choose a vegetarian protein (veggie strips or pulled veggies). The staff will ask you if you want the vegan choice and we will replace all dairy-based sauces and cheese with vegan varieties. We have removed honey from all our dishes.


There are gluten-free varieties on almost all dishes. Make your burrito a burrito bowl, or replace your regular wheat tortilla with corn tortilla. It works for burritos, quesadillas, and tacos!

Counting calories?

You can find all the nutritional information about our food here. We even have a nutrition calculator where you can count the exact number of calories, fiber, protein, etc in your dish.

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