Vegan and Vegetarian

More green for everyone!

At Zócalo we offer several options for vegetarians, vegans and those who simply want to eat less meat now and then.

Our entire menu is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. That is how it works.

1. Choose a vegetarian protein to your liking (pulled veggies, veggie strips or guacamole).

2. We ask you if you want your food vegan. If so, we will replace all dairy-based sauces with plant-based sauces.

These ingredients are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Tortilla / Corn Tortilla / Rice / Veggie Strips / Pulled Veggies / Guacamole / Nachos / Black Beans / Pico de gallo / Habanero Salsa / Salsa Roja / Salsa Verde / Romaine Lettuce / Pickled Red Onion / Vegan Cheese

These ingredients are good for vegetarians, but not vegans.

Creme fraiche / Chipotle sauce / Habanero Creme / Coriander Cream / Mexican Coleslaw / Cheese (for vegetarian quesadillas we use vegan cheese)

These ingredients are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Chicken / Barbacoa / Carnitas

Veggie Strips

Veggie Strips based on soy and wheat protein that we marinate in our good Chipotle marinade. Our veggie strips have a lot of protein (20g protein per 100g)

Pulled Veggies

Our unique pulled veggies are made from boiled Jackfruit in our habanero marinade.


Fresh guacamole that we cook every day at Zócalo. We only use fresh avocados, fresh coriander, red onion, tomatoes, lime, garlic, salt and pepper. Nothing else.

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