It is our vision that you should feel good. That’s why we don’t sell junk food. We serve healthy food that we cook from scratch with good ingredients. The result is appetizing and healthy, food that you can eat with a good conscience. The food you like – fast food that makes you good!

If you follow a specific diet you can easily pick up your right according to your wishes. Whether you are following the LCHF, Paleo, GI, Gluten-Free, Zone or Low Fat diets, we have ingredients in our dishes to suit your needs.

Honest Food

Honest Food is our way of becoming completely transparent to our guests. On our website and on your menu at the restaurant, you can see all the ingredients in our food. It helps you make a conscious and good choice.

At Zócalo, the whole meal is about the raw material. Therefore, we treat it with respect when we design the recipe, select it, prepare it, mix it with other ingredients, heat it up and package it. We are constantly trying to improve our dishes, every day we work to get better products from our suppliers.

Nutrition Information

It is easy to get nutritional information in all our dishes. Here is a list of nutritional information on all our dishes.

You can also use our nutrition calculator and see nutritional content in dishes that you combine together yourself.

You can find all information about food intolerance here.

The environment

As a restaurant chain, we have great responsibility for the environment. Every day we strive to reduce our negative impact on the environment and to improve and expand our environmental work.

We only use electricity from wind power for all our restaurants.

We work actively with our suppliers to buy organic products to the greatest extent possible.

We buy meat from Northern Germany from suppliers who take responsibility for the environment. Our meat suppliers work actively to reduce emissions from their farms and to have short distances between farm and slaughterhouse.

We put a lot of focus on selling more vegetarian and vegan dishes. Today, almost 20% of all dishes we sell are vegetarian.

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